Who is She?

Image from Vanity Fair

Who is she?

The most common question within popular culture was finally answered this week. The past couple of months have been buzzing around the world’s most famous family. Only the focus isn’t on its prime member, Kim Kardashian. In fact, the eyes of the world have been planted on Bruce Jenner. Once a brave gold medallist, the Olympian sat quietly behind his female family of dominance, until recently when he went public with his intentions to slowly, yet completely change his gender. His bravery continues. The decision was one he had dwelled over for quite sometime, however Bruce decided that lying to himself was something he couldn’t continue for much longer. The public followed along with his tale, as Bruce referred to the person he hoped to become as ‘she’.

The world finally got to put a face to a name. She exploded. She succeeded in what every Kardashian hopes to do, without effort. She broke the Internet and had the admiration of those who feel insecure, scared or self-conscious about their identity.

The July cover of ‘Vanity Fair’ introduced the world to Caitlyn Jenner, spelt with a ‘C’ and not a ‘K’.   The world marvelled at her glory with many leading names in popular culture taking to Twitter to congratulate and commemorate the act of courage.

Following the reveal a twitter account emerge for Caitlyn. This account managed to break as Caitlyn states ‘another Jenner world record.’ Caitlyn’s account, reached 1 million followers in only four hours, beating Baraka Obama who broke the record only two weeks ago. With her first tweet revealing the cover along with a short introduction, the tweet has been retweeted almost 225,000 times, myself included in that count.

However, of course all did not accept this change graciously. With a change this big within a world where acceptance isn’t handed out freely, many people also took to social media making comments that were critical. Some comments were unintentionally political incorrect, for example the incorrect terminology, however some just overstepped the boundary. People used their Facebook and Twitter accounts in the hopes that they would receive five seconds of fame, ignorant to the idea that Caitlyn managed to even overshadow the news of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy news.

I was outraged to see so many people who walk around promoting ‘be yourself’ as their philosophy slamming Caitlyn for this reveal. If you have the ability to sit behind you computer and construct hateful messages then your nothing but a keyboard hero who could only imagine possessing a similar form of courage and bravery that this powerful goddess has presented to the world.

This change believe it or not has done worlds of good. It has shown many things, but most importantly it has shown that fear can be overcome. I can’t understand how anybody can shame Caitlyn for this brave act. Bruce Jenner had won Gold medals and was a brave hero for all aspiring athletes. He still is. However, this transition into Caitlyn means that a new wave of role model can be pursued.

I for one commend Caitlyn and I cannot begin to explain how inspired I feel. If we in our individual lives could emulate that form of bravery we could achieve such greatness. Now there is a beacon of hope that has shown us the way towards achieving our goals, despite any fear we may have.


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