My name is Lauren, but you can call me Loz.

My favourite colours are grey and black. I love puppy dogs. I am an avid book worm. I am an amateur guitarist.

Okay, now to the real stuff.

If you’ve managed to stumble upon my blog by an incorrect google search or if you’ve been told to come here by me personally, regardless of how you’ve come here, I want to welcome you warmly.

My blog is a place where I promise my readers a warm, energetic space to explore and unwind. Life is a stressful activity. I’ve definitely experienced the beauty of a sunset, and the devastation of a storm a fair few times over the past few years. Sometimes, regardless of the weather, this little portal of internet heaven offers up the opportunity to escape – without sunscreen or an umbrella required.

My blog will not only offer up my passions – lifestyle, beauty, reading, food and whatever else my heart desires to share. I may even offer up some of my favourite stories that I’ve crafted. This was a blog that housed university assignments after all. For some, hitting the delete button would be a act of injustice.

It will also offer up words of wisdom, straight from my soul. I am all about motivating and inspiring those around me to achieve their best. I want to continue doing that in the greatest way I think possible – through words.

To say that I simply enjoy writing, would be an understatement. It’s peaceful, tranquil and it is powerful. It’s also what I plan to do with the rest of my life. With my journalism degree under my belt, I plan to take my words far and wide. That starts here. That starts now.


Please, feel free to tag along or even drop by every now and again.

Learn more about me, and let me learn more about you.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

To catch up with me:


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