Britain is Great, Indeed.

Snowflakes and raindrops are a far stretch from the blistering heat of which I am regularly accustomed to. However, despite the lack of beaches, sunshine and tan, I believe that I have found my paradise. I know it isn’t exactly worthy of the name ‘paradise’, however I define paradise to be the place where all of your worries and cares can’t reach you. Since I’ve gotten off my flight from Sydney to Manchester, not one problem has been able to reach me. I’ve been disconnected from my normal reality and engulfed into an experience where my only care is the amount of layers I must wear to combat Jack Frost. It has been a true lesson of self-discovery.

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I Miss It

The last four to five weeks have been mentally and emotionally draining for me. I have awful habits that I have come to know since things took a turn for the worst. I stare out my window for time periods of about 15 minutes waiting for that stupid, bloody grey-black ute to appear, I vacantly stare at his name on Facebook seeing if he is online, I read through old messages wondering how I lost grip of the one thing that I held so dearly.

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I Run ‘Like a Girl’ because I am a Girl!

As an energetic, eleven year-old fifth grader nothing got me more excited then kickball. Hula hoops placed on the floor for each base, soccer balls lined up and the hopeful attempt to end up on the same team as your best friends. The smell of rivalry filled the air as a bunch of children began to form strategies to beat the other side.  Continue reading I Run ‘Like a Girl’ because I am a Girl!